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foot and ankle injury relief with a podiatrist

A podiatrist is a specialist in the health of your feet and ankles. Children's bodies are growing and changing at a rapid rate, while also hitting development milestones. When some of those milestones aren't met, or when the growth and development aren't happening how they should, children can experience problems in their feet that can follow them the rest of their lives.

Podiatrists work with their patients to improve the health of their feet and ankles. One who has additional experience and training as a pediatric podiatrist in Raritan knows how to watch out for the health of children's feet and ankles and prevent and correct problems that happen along the way.

Why Pediatric Foot Exams Are So Important

Children don't always speak up for themselves. They don't know what they're supposed to say or what is or isn't okay. So when they feel pain while walking, they may assume that everyone does. Or they may express that pain in a way that doesn't communicate things effectively to the people around them. For example, a child may simply say they don't want to walk, or they don't want to participate in sports, without knowing how to express that it's because their feet hurt. They may also start walking differently to compensate for pain, and then the way they step can lead to a misalignment of the bones in their feet, ankles, or even higher up.

What Does a Raritan Pediatric Podiatrist Do?

A pediatric podiatrist will diagnose conditions in children's feet. When you visit a pediatric podiatrist early, they may be able to notice signs of a developing condition before it happens and prevent it from growing worse. They also treat foot care concerns, monitor foot health over time, and create treatment plans.

What Kinds of Treatments Does a Pediatric Podiatrist Offer?

This very much depends on the condition they're treating. A pediatric podiatrist will treat issues both large and small. They may work with their patients to correct their steps and suggest at-home treatments like physical therapy exercises or specific types of shoes.

They may recommend custom orthotics to wear inside a child's shoes to help correct their step.

In more extreme conditions, a podiatrist may recommend surgery or other treatment plans for better foot health.

What Kinds of Conditions Affect a Child's Foot Health?

Surprisingly, it isn't uncommon for a child to have a serious foot injury, like a sprain or break, without anyone ever noticing. Children are very active. They tend to run around and jump while they play. This makes them susceptible to foot injuries.

It's also common for children to need a podiatrist for many of the same foot conditions an adult may experience.

Some common pediatric foot care concerns include clubfoot and in-toeing. Clubfoot is a condition from birth where the heels and the toes begin to curl inward. This can make walking very painful. A pediatric podiatrist is needed to work with the patient to help them find pain relief and work on a treatment plan. In-toeing is often more commonly known as being "pigeon-toed". In this situation, the step isn't properly aligned. One or both of the feet are turned inward as the child walks. This is common before the child turns two, but becomes more concerning if it continues.

Of course, these are not the only situations that concern a child's foot health. Anything that causes them pain while they step or forces them to adjust the way they walk is a concern for the further development of their foot health and should be looked at by a podiatrist.

If you have concerns about your child's step, getting a checkup with your Raritan podiatrist at Bridgewater Foot Care LLC is the safest way to ensure optimal foot health for the long term.


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