Ingrown Toenail in Raritan

Ingrown Toenail in Raritan

While an ingrown toenail in Raritan is a common injury, it can also become an extremely painful one. An ingrown toenail is what happens when the skin grows over the edge of the nail instead of under it. The nail is sharp and cuts into the skin. This condition can happen to any of your toenails, but it’s most common with the big toe.

Symptoms of an Ingrown Toenail in Raritan

Most commonly, you’ll feel pain. If it becomes bad enough, it may be painful to walk and you may develop a limp. The toe may become red, swell up, and it can even drain pus. The toe may feel very tender to the touch. If left untreated, the ingrown toenail can become infected.

What Causes Problems With the Nail?

You may wish to understand how this happened to your toe. Unfortunately, a lot of the causes of an ingrown toenail are perfectly normal things that happen in day-to-day life, so they’re difficult to avoid. Some things can be prevented, though.

For example, ingrown toenails often happen when the nail has been cut too short or when you cut the nail so the edges are rounded. By cutting back the edges, you may get the aesthetic that you want. However, the sides of the nail will often start growing down and into the skin, causing an ingrown toenail. Always leave your toenails a fairly healthy length and cut them straight across instead of rounding them.

An ingrown toenail can also be caused by wearing shoes or socks that are too tight. This can cause the toenail to bend downward and grow into the skin. Wearing comfortable shoes with plenty of room for your toes can prevent this from happening. Roomy shoes can also prevent conditions like a hammertoe, so keep that in mind.

Ingrown toenails can also be caused by everyday injuries. When you stub your toe, there is always the possibility that it may shift the direction the nail is currently growing. If you play a sport like soccer where you are repeatedly kicking a ball, you may be more likely to have ingrown toenails.

If your nails are simply thicker or tend to grow at a curve, this may be a more common condition for you.

Treating Chronic Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails are painful and difficult to deal with on your own.  Our Raritan podiatrist at Bridgewater Foot Care LLC can treat chronic ingrown toenails by using a chemical to stop the nail's growth. We then gently numb the toe and cut out the nail corner that's causing pain and discomfort. Afterward, our patients can immediately resume their daily activities. We remove and treat ingrown nails in a gentle and pain-free manner. Call us for a quick treatment today.


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